Super Cat’s Claw, 500mg



Super Cat’s Claw, 500mg
500mg Super Cat’s
quality product with guaranteed origin of USA Laboratories -
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Designation: Super cat's claw has antioxidant, immunoprotective and anti-inflammatory effects and a beneficial effect on bone diseases and digestive tract disorders. Uncaria tomentosa is a giant liana of the Rubiaceae family (Madder family). It grows in the Peruvian jungle, and about 64 its species are known so far. But of these, only two are the botanical species Cat's Claw, and in particular Uncaria Tomentosa Wild D.C., is the one that has a beneficial effect on the body. This is a plant that in recent years has been actively recommended to strengthen the immune system, under various trade names, such as "Samento", "Vilcacora", etc. "Super cat's claw" is an even more effective preparation, a combination of the Peruvian herb and shark cartilage. The inhabitants of the Peruvian jungle use the plant to treat many afflictions. In recent years, Uncaria Tomentosa has been the subject of numerous scientific studies in various countries: Peru, the United States, Europe and Japan that prove it has:

– Powerful anti–inflammatory action (inhibits the synthesis and action of prostaglandins and in particular PGE2);

– Immunostimulatory and immunomodulatory action (activates phagocytosis and K–cell formation – a central element in the immune response).

– Antiviral effect in vitro and in vivo (i.e. inside and outside the body);

Given these properties, the substance can be used to treat: immunodeficiency conditions, including AIDS; cancer; rheumatism and osteoarthritis; acute viral infections such as rhinoviruses and vesicular stomatitis; irregular and painful menstrual cycle.

Shark cartilage contains chondroitin, which slows down the degeneration of human cartilage. It is an ideal source of calcium and phosphorus and contains a type of carbohydrate called mucopolysaccharides. Mucopolysaccharides in shark cartilage may be involved in a synergistic response with naturally occurring proteins in the body, which may cause immunological stimulation.

The Supercat's claw preparation is used as an additional means in the treatment of: inflammatory diseases – rhinitis, flu and other respiratory infections, abscesses, eye and ear problems; malignant diseases – pancreas, breast, lung, uterus, etc. cancer; fractures of limbs, spine and small pelvis; osteochondrosis, osteolysis, osteoarthritis, arthritis, chronic rheumatism; vascular diseases – arterial obstruction, for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis.

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take 1 to 3 capsules daily before meal or as recommended by your doctor. It is securely sealed for your protection.

Manufacturer: USA Laboratories