About us

USA Laboratories is one of the leaders in the US market for therapeutic and prophylactic products. It has an excellent base, strict quality control and staff of the most qualified professionals in the United States

The company operates since 1977 and distributes its products in 42 countries worldwide. It uses clearly market methods of marketing and sales and does not artificially raise prices through many levels of distributors (multi level marketing).

USA Laboratories products are officially approved by the US Department of Health. Their therapeutic and prophylactic properties have been proven by numerous satisfied customers and partners, as well as through the practice of leading phytotherapists such as Dr. Pashkulev, DM, Dr. Ivanov, DM and many other medical practitioners, rehabilitators and healthcare professionals.

  • Nutritional supplements are concentrates of substances that are especially necessary for the body in forms with the highest digestibility.
  • They are suitable for all ages for prevention and treatment.
  • They do not contain harmful or allergenic substances, which are often used in the manufacture of various other medicinal forms.
  • Continuous quality control regulates the composition and packaging of products to ensure their freshness and purity.
  • They do not cause adverse effects and could be freely combined with any other forms of conventional or unconventional therapy.

Our advantages

USA Laboratories has high technology for raw material processing and quality control that are not available to most companies in the United States, let alone the rest of the world.

There are many other manufacturers on the market of similar products cat's claw, glucosamine, shark cartilage, coenzyme Q10, etc. But the degree of processing (extraction of useful substances from herbs) and the quality of their products are far from the standards of USA Laboratories.

Often compromises are made with the quality, quantity and concentration of dietary allowances. The amount of useful ingredients in one capsule in some cases is many times less than the minimum required dose for proper saturation of the body, which leads to a complete lack of health effect.

If you compare the amount (grams of useful product) and the price of a dietary allowance, you will see that USA Laboratories offers the best ratio. In other cases, you will pay much more money for a much smaller amount, questionable quality and far less healing effect.