Maximum male 45 capsules


USA Laboratories
Professional formula – strength and vitality.

Designation: Maximum Male contains herbs, vitamins and minerals that stimulate energy metabolism to help increase your strength and vitality. It provides top performance in those special moments when you need it the most. Achieve the maximum with the unmistakable Maximum Male! Maximum Male allows men to live their lives to the fullest.

Its ingredients: : increase natural testosterone levels; help detoxify the body; increase libido; improve the general condition of men; protect the prostate from dysfunction.

Nowadays, scientists have found that in 90% of patients with sexual problems the cause is organic and only in 10% it is psychological. The more important causes for occurrence of sexual weakness are three: decreased testosterone production, elevated cholesterol levels and disorders in alpha–2–adrenergic receptors in the cerebral nerves. They are responsible for opening the vascular valves in the penis.

Scientists have proven that the normal amount of zinc in the body is of great importance for good sexual activity. This element suppresses the pituitary secretion of the hormone prolactin, which in turn blocks testosterone production. Zinc is also needed for good prostate function and strengthening the body as a whole.

Dr. Francesco Montorsi, professor of urology in Milan, is conducting a study with Yohimbe in impotent patients. In 71% of those treated, the effect is very good.

Ginkgo Biloba extract, in addition to improving erections in this way, normalizes the patency of blood vessels, improving varicose veins (including hemorrhoids and varicocele), and cerebral circulation. A number of cases of senile intellectual disability have improved or at least delayed the development of these fatal age–related changes.

The offered preparation is a wonderful combination of vitamins, microelements and plant extracts, which not only normalizes sexual activity, but also detoxifies the body, protects the prostate from dysfunction.

Nutrition information:
Each two capsules contain:
Yohimbe extract 500 mg Vit. С 30 mg
Selenium 100 mg Kava-kava 50 mg
Vit. Е 50 IU Zinc 50 mg
Korean ginseng 250 mg Niacin 25 mg
Ginkgo 100 mg

Each two capsules contain the recommended intake of:
Vitamin B3 (niacin) 125% Vit. Е 334%
Zinc 334% Vit. С 50%

Recommended use: 1–2 capsules at bedtime or as needed